Nanolearning: The Secret to Landing Paid Content Deals (Even with a Small Audience)
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Nanolearning: The Secret to Landing Paid Content Deals (Even with a Small Audience)

Learn how to make money from your creative work, regardless of audience size!

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I’ve worked as a consultant -- both internally and externally -- since 2007. This includes helping emerging and enterprise level clients achieve their business development goals while working at Adobe and Facebook. This may sound cool, and I learned a lot from these experiences, but I’m no longer interested in working with larger brands. Once I started my own business, I discovered it was much more enjoyable to work with other entrepreneurs who had a passion for what they do.

Fortunately, I’ve also worked with numerous startups as an advisor with organizations including Techstars and the New York University Entrepreneurial Institute. Since 2015, I’ve led workshops for consultants, freelancers and other business professionals at General Assembly. This is my unfair advantage. I’ve been able to teach -- and learn from -- thousands of business owners, which helped me get a clear understanding of their challenges, and how I can help.

Some of my best (self-assessed) qualities are curiosity, grit and a constant focus on impact. I’m also extremely solutions oriented, my approach to most challenges can best be summarized as, “It is what it is, now what’s the best thing we can do from here?” Spoiler alert, that’s pretty much the theme of ‘The Obstacle is the Way’. 

These characteristics have been extremely beneficial in my overall career, but my ability to listen—as opposed to waiting for my chance to speak— has been invaluable to my role as a business consultant. The more I know about your challenges, the better prepared I am to help out.